Manitou shovel

Manitou shovel

Manitou shovel

The cup which designed for this Manitou (

), of course you can attach the telescopic Throughout the game, but the head stock will not be good.

It has only the level scripts washable.

The bucket is a capacity of 3000L is compatible with several cultivation Including:

wheat -> Wheat

rape -> Rape

maize -> Corn

barley -> Barley

manure -> Manure

silage -> fermenting silage

potato -> potato

Sugarbeet -> Sugar beet

Wood chip -> Wood Chips

fertilizer -> Fertilizer

lime -> Lime

chaff -> Silage unfermented

grass -> Grass unfermented


Modèle: caseIH54
Texture: Dimitri14
Script: Dimitri14

Manitou shovel v 1.0 [MP]
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