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Agricultural Engineering Schaumburg v 1.5

Agricultural Engineering Schaumburg

Agricultural Engineering Schaumburg

Agricultural Engineering Schaumburg

Agricultural Engineering Schaumburg

Agricultural Engineering Schaumburg

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Hello Ls gemeinde. Nach long back and forth thinking whether I should really even try to build a map and what exactly it is I soll.stell you here today my first map here this white since it might be better on a few corners and edges ., but as I said it is my first map so since not hart.Es is a beta (beta why) Because I’m still waiting on mom to the splines of Milktruck, and because I still want to make improvements gradually.

Are available:

Country trade
-Back Store
Industrial area
-Small to Large Fields

-Stable for mucking

Crap interim storage on the farm


Planned for the v2

-Several minor improvements
-Possibly new crop varieties

Watch out weak tug quickly reach their limits in the fields because the terrain is very steep.

Changelog v 1.5

Uv eliminates all errors except for a

Stable deep Act (was a bit too high)

Meshblocker installed (cows were running through the walls

Exchanged seed and fertilizer trigger the garden (goods previously Swaps)

Seed and fertilizer trigger on Lu courtyard inserted.

Texture update (Thanks to Tessmann85 for the release)

Ramp at the court inserted to better load crap

Eliminated several small blemishes

Known Bugs

1 Vs Error

Otherwise, the map error frei.Wir Does it have you ever played nearly 40 hours online.

Extract the rar file and the zip in the mods folder.

Thank you to all modders whose objects I have used on the map, without you it would not be possible to build ne nice map.

Thanks also goes out to my testers
Farmi, Pascal, Basti, Jann, Steel and Bäärchen
Another thank you to Mario for creating the PDA Map
And Deere6800 For the lay of the splines.
now if I should have someone tell me I can just forget Sry =)


Psykoboom aka Cross-RIder—Map

Deere6800( für die Splines
Mario PDA Map+Bullenstall
Roman@k–Mt Aligator
Burn_out– Unterstand
Tessmann85–Texture Pack

Agricultural Engineering Schaumburg v 1.5
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