Fortschritt E 281 pack

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Here is the continuation of E 281 E 295 pounders from ls11 for corn, E-296 and E294 gps for pick-up there is a 1.2 version and maybe the lezte of me

what’s new:

E 294 pickup with animation

I bit the AI script zusamengewurfelt the shredder now at the end of the field further rausfehrt,

Solte whos at the end are not meher remain

Textures have been cleaned up minimally processed

added plant animation works at Schneider

Turn signals, reverse light and light was added

read aloud by the light should remain on the vehicle

it is a zip file, so please unzip not

IMPORTANT: need to use the turn signals the vehicle to be selected with button G.

In SP it works perfectly even the helper and causes no errors, I have not tested in mp

so that goes first and I wish you much fun with it


sven18koehler glaube ich

Fortschritt E281

ESLimiter,FruitParticleSystem :
Manuel Leithner

Beleuchtung v3.1:

EasyFlow script:Milan Lekše

Fortschritt E 281 pack v 1.2 [MP]
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