Kuhn SPV Super Cleaner

Kuhn SPV Super Cleaner

Playing from LS I noticed that the cattle and pig Marhu/LS-2013 of modding, much manure and produce clean out there with a shovel in a row constructed buildings, this is very annoying. Therefore I have the Kuhn SPV Confort (with tow of Raudie) umgeskriptet, so the Maschiene now only “sucks” crap.

Manure tank increased to 25,000 l

otherwise gleichgebliebe values

The mod is a product of the imagination and I do not know if it (the function) is a machine at all.

This is my first mod, and it is only a slightly rewritten Kuhn SPV 12 Confort. He still ugly error (see screenshots) but does not appear Logfehler with me. Who can fix and publish, is cordially invited. Of course, anyone can change the look, which I could not change properly.



Kuhn SPV Super Cleaner v 1.0 [MP]
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