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Hemmeland Peninsula V 1.0 [MP]

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Welcome to a special card, Hemmeland Peninsula! Location is very interesting, the map is surrounded in 60% of water.


The card is great. A total of 56 fields and four fields. Fields are medium and small. These larger, there are fewer.
Some are irregular in shape, but most are in the form of a square, so that makes the job easier.
We do not buy boxes! On the farm a place where we buy is all fields. Convenient option, but it requires money. I would recommend chopper and one tractor for sale at the beginning.


There is also a BGA, our farm, country store, an interesting area, start vehicles, animals (cows only), and more …
Works very well on the low poly PC’s.


This card started to do my brother. It was a long time ago. I decided to finish this project. On the map a lot of things missing, so it is version 1.0 contains the base. As the map you will like I will continue to work ­čÖé




Stoll Schaufelset for Euro inclusion V 2.0 [MP]


Schl├╝ter Compact 850 V Stoll FL V 1.0 [MP]

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  1. Farmer13

    The map doesn’t work, it gives me this error all along: ” Error: Failed to create render texture. Status: 36054″…
    i need help

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