Multicar M30

Multicar M30

Multicar M30

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This is a modification of the Multicar M25 with M31 elements. The Vans is still built (Series M27, M31, and FUMO TREMEL) producer is Hako ( and enjoys great popularity because it can be fitted with special bodies. In Multicar M31 an Iveco F1C engine works.

For front attachments (mower, etc.) I recommend The Vans is prepared for it (collects straw – Grasschwad).

Rechargeable fruit types: grass grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow forage silage chaff hemp_windrow manure potato sugarbeet wheat rape maize barley plum cherry apple pear onion carrot cucumber tomato orange strawberry grape

Basic Model: Hezy, Hanysekk;

All conversions including game and testing I’ve done.

Other additional parts are from: Giants Software GmbH, dimanix (model well), Sven777b (Beleuchtung3.1) Johni_6530 (Rul, lamps)

He has additional lighting with the keypad keys 1 – 5 uses – 2 – 3.


Idee,Edit,Ingame,Testing: Peter Pech; Giants Software GmbH, dimanix(Modell Mulde); Sven777b(Beleuchtung3.1);
Johni_6530(Rul,Lampen); Textur Planen: mor2000 und ???; Grundmodell: Hezy, Hanysekk;