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Lower Bavaria v 1.0 [MP]

Lower Bavaria

Lower Bavaria

Lower Bavaria

Lower Bavaria

Lower Bavaria

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I present to you here for the latest version of my map to download. The designed area of the map is about 1/3 of the Standartmap. I have intentionally kept small, there are a total of 12 small to medium sized fields.

For this very rich in detail built so not for the faint PC. Some textures I have created or improved with a lot of effort and patience itself. I also have a lot with the “numblocksPerUnit” – experimenting values to get as realistic as possible about everything. Schwadhöhe / wide row spacing in corn etc everything I’ve always optimized to obtain the best possible result. Even a few objects I have created from scratch.

Were installed:

Country trade (Eifok team)

Biogas plant (Giants), Traunstein silos

Machines halls, half-timbered barn and grain storage by Katsuo

-Freilandsilo king of kalle

– Alpenhof revised

Small-forest part

3D roads

The map is not finished at 100% which I lack the time and inclination, therefore, indicated as V0.9. But everything is there necessary and works error free!

On the farm you can store the Heugebläse in the barn hay and straw. And in the small barn next door you can see the cows with feed supply (see pictures).

The manure pits are designed for the manure pack.

In addition, the following mods are required:




– (DeleteFog)




Mapa San antonio


Hemmeland Peninsula v 1.0 [MP]

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