NLC Marxwalde

NLC Marxwalde

NLC Marxwalde

NLC Marxwalde

NLC Marxwalde

This is my first map

It is a converted Sweet Home LS09 map, with the objects of the turn of Final Map . There are 7 large fields , a Haupwiese and 3 smaller

Programs used: GE 5.0.3 / Paint.Net / Gimp
Inserted items :
Distillery: sale of wheat , potatoes
Pig : production of pigs
Butcher : Sale of Pork
Sugar Factory : sales of beet
Pub Sale of wheat , barley , potatoes
BHG : sale of wheat , barley, canola, corn , sugar beet
Mill: sale of wheat , barley, canola, corn
Dealer : where the vehicles appear at purchase
Unloading of yard
Digital indicator for silo filling levels
Villa for the farmer 🙂
Hydrants in the main courtyard , Kuhof , village , hens
added reset
Spawn in the central courtyard
The rotting and purchase field is switched off

For questions contact us on TS3 :

and here the Steam group : Steam group

Required mods:

Joskin Betimax


I hope you like the map

Have fun with it


BENEHARO, SLJ Agrarteam, Marhu, Trekkerbodo, Nabi, Blacky BPG, Kamikaze

NLC Marxwalde v 1.0
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