RPM limiter

Here for you a RPM Limiter.


Who is playing with keyboard certainly knows the following problem, when you press one button-W occurs almost always full throttle / kickdown and it is almost impossible to maintain any speed without rumzuhämmern on the key …

With the RPM limiter you can now have 2 buttons control the speed of the button-W. If the maximum speed of 50kmh and a tractor is one of the RPM limiter to 50%, the tractor with button-W can not drive faster than 25kmh.

We have respected it that the limiter does not bite with the ES limiter or Courseplay. ES-limiter and Courseplay ingnorieren the RPM limiter.


Have opted for a global version, you should just pack only the downloaded file in your fs_game folder.


Button page up on: give more speed
Button page down: give less speed


Implementation lua: upsidedown
Idea MP test: bull gore

RPM limiter v 1.0 [MP]
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