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Traverse Container v 1.0

Traverse Container

Traverse Container

Traverse Container

Original link []

Here to request a Traverse_Container … WITHOUT real model!

* Bel v3.1

* Working light on the sides

* Animated

* Attacher: telehandler

* Flashing lights

* Ballenattacher … fix (also called container or other) by pressing B

(FAST keeps everything fixed)

* … And other little things

* Log: clean … Patch2.0DE_P ublicBeta4

Have fun with it … TheSecretLife


Model / Skin / Construction LS13: TSL

Traverse Container v 1.0
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Flatbed East Side v 1.0 BETA


Mercedes Actros Colas Edition + Trailer

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  1. jon doe

    Just wondering is a link to the telehandler posted here, as i would love to have it to use with this mod. thanks & have a nice day.

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