ATR 9790 and Corn Header

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Hello everyone, here is the platform and atr9790 takes me a bit but came out good in animation platform which Placed nozzles, what corn being cut neat particle systemSound coloquou 2 camera one right and one left side so it is washable.

The atr9790 is same Atayna and John Anthony only did the texture mapping what refurbished parts modifiquou texture and troquou Entire script, coloquou monitor the cameras have camera Claass the exhaust pipe, and a hitch on the back, have the system dust When walking on the road and in the fields, troquou Entire particle system angepasst the control IC are the buttons inside the cabin did fires on them with the mouse to turn on the lights of the high, low, lateral pipe cabin arrows Giroflex and thus to set the barrel move the straw chopper and turn the windshield wiper by IC, this is washable so, so good and this game at all and even more.

Note: When you move the buttons cabin chann stop, move with chann walking will not work accordingly.



Modell: Atayna, John Anthony “v 2.0 por Alemao”
Textur: Alemao
Scripts Adapitados: Alemao
Sons: Alemao
Testes: Maicom e Lord-Bit


Modell: Alemao
Textur: Alemao
Scripts Adapitados: Alemao
sons: Alemao
Testes: Maicom e Lord-Bit

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