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Ford F450 v 1.0 MR [MP]


Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW Platinum Crew Cab 4×4 Fx4,
400HP, speed 80km/h

Requires patch 2.0 and More Realistic mod


conversion MR: Artexel

Ford F450 v 1.0 MR [MP]
3.14 (62.86%) 7 votes


E531TT prototype v 1.0 [MP]


Brantner PowerPush TA23065 v 1.1 Fix Standard [MP]


  1. luis

    this mod looks awsome

  2. julien bliez


  3. jake

    I cant even buy it 🙁

  4. case

    looks like crap

  5. Ok

    Calm down

  6. w3armachine

    f 350

  7. billy bob

    looks like CRAP

  8. bryan

    ne mettez pas elle beuge

  9. Eric

    You must be a dumbe ass if you think it looks like crap

  10. hockeyrox

    its a ford of course its crap. and how do download mods to the ps3?

    • 1111

      you cant

    • OBS Ford

      Obviosly you have no brains if you think ford is junk. also you cant. Consols and tablets arnt Moddable. Only the PC. If someone says anything different there jsut trying to make a fool out of you.

  11. john

    It looks awesome

  12. hockeyrox

    looks really sick and good how do you get mods to the ps3?

  13. Anonymous

    looks good

  14. ok

    i don’t care

  15. jeljle

    hoe moet je iets douwnloaden?

  16. nate

    the mod looks really cool

  17. Anonymous

    how to add to mod

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