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John Deere Truck Trailer Pack v 1.1

John Deere Truck Trailer Pack

John Deere Truck Trailer Pack

John Deere Truck Trailer Pack

Here is a Multi Fruit Truck And Trailer Pack

JDXL is a dressed up version for Those Who like something Flashy

JD version are for Those Who like the dressed down version

Both trailers carry 200,000 Liters and Both trucks will haul the load at around 52 miles per hour The truck is pretty stable at this speed but like in real life get off the gas going around corners.

Fruit Types on trailer are as Follows

Standard fruit types + apple plum apricot cherry pear apple carrot apricot grass grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow manure forage cucumber plum cotton cherry coffee onion rice soybean sunflower tomato poppy spelled mushroom oat triticale rye millet pear honey melon redcabbage whitecabbage savoycabbage silage gravel grit fertilizer hemp sand lime gravel earth grape aubergine sugarcane kuerbis spelled hops cement


Big Boss Modding

John Deere Truck Trailer Pack v 1.1
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  1. Jalen ramey

    It looks really cool

  2. allo

    yes god

  3. Dueck

    I downloaded it and tried to open but says it is invalid. Would you know why?

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