Kroeger HDK 302

Kroeger HDK 302

Hi dear Comm ,

I’ve rebuilt some 302 times the original Kroger HDK .

What was done ?

– Tire dust on the field and on the lanes

– He has now also indicators

– Dung ( manure ) , Rye ( Rye ) , Oats ( Oat ) , straw, grass, hay, silage, compound feed ( Forge ) added , with adjusted Abladeparticle

– New schemes

– Skin has been improved thanks at this point to the Corad60 made me ! 🙂

– Skin was verendert again by Markku

– And last but not least , he has also bekommmen new tires. The originals were so absolutely ned round ne thing ..

NEW in V2:

– New store image

– Tilt can now with NUM 7 Open and close

– If the canopy is closed , you can not fill it . Need to fill it to the tarp and openable UNFORTUNATELY new drive under the trigger …

– Is the tarp and you open it loads , the loading UNFORTUNATELY does not stop when you close the curtain . We need to start with the trigger that drive the game will notice the change .. again A little complicated , unfortunately, does not have it done better , hope this is still ok ..

I hope that you are happy with the trailer , and I wish you much fun driving the grain !

Pair Specifications:

Purchase price: 48.400 € LS

Daily cost : 70 € LS

Filling volume: 21,570 l / kg

Filled with : wheat , barley, canola, corn , manure ( manure ) , Rye ( Rye ) , Oats ( Oat ) , straw, grass, hay, silage, compound feed ( Forge ) , sugar beet and potatoes.

End changes in V2.2 again reifenwechsel there for the voriegen no release was before !

End changes in the V3 again a new texture

End changes in v3.1 New underrun new tail lights and little things . A thank at this point to hoschi97 for the release ( permission ) !

So I think that’s all you need to know about the mod ..


(Ersteller des Mods)*: Ifko(nator) , Chris , Markkus ( Reifen von Modell: TheFendtVDriver
Reifen Textur: TheFendtVDriver )
Unterbau neues licht hoschi97

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