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Placeable scale v 1.0 [MP]

Placeable scale

Placeable scale

here I have for you my scale as placeable.
The demand was so high that I had to do it or not.

The scale allows you to weigh your vehicle.

Have fun with the mod

Sincerely yours


Wunsch und Idee: Hardstyler
Placeable Wunsch: Sehr Viele 😉
Umsetzung: Alex2009

Placeable scale v 1.0 [MP]
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  1. jesperXd

    i love dad here produkt

  2. jmnko

    ovo je moja omilena igra zato idem ovde

  3. fabio justen

    E bom porque podemos, pesar as equipamentos, etc.

  4. to baixando

    to baixando ja

  5. Thebossitronio

    how do u put it in game??

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