Uckerfelde Map

Uckerfelde Map

Uckerfelde Map

Uckerfelde Map

Uckerfelde Map

I hereby would like 11 times you make my favorite card from the LS to dispose …

The map consists of the LS11 as part of the 38 fields and meadows 8 , which belong to you in the beginning 18 fields and all fields . Wither and rot I exhibited only once in this version …

Your fleet is the correspondingly large to the beginning so that you can your fields also good farming or if you will have approximately 750,000 Euros all Sold.

The card has also been a bit played in SP / MP but only with original vehicles and the Claas Lexion 770TT … Until then, there was no problems …

I will book now no longer even rumSchwafeln but say what MOD still needed her

make it work :


Okay then wish you much fun with my map book now :)!



Uckerfelde Map v 1.0 Beta
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