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2002 Duramax with Snow Plow

2002 Duramax with Snow Plow

The Snow Plow is not functional it is only a cool decoration. It has a flatbed and a trailer hitch.


mud bone, trucker429

4.6/5 - (5 votes)


Actross Mp3 heavy duty v 2.0 [MP]


Case 5130


  1. Denisesmiles18

    Cool trucks

  2. sup

    nice truck

  3. Ben

    The first time I downloaded it it wouldn’t show up in the game. Does re-downloading it make it work?

  4. Brandon

    when i get in the truck the screen goes black how do i fix that?

  5. Tristin

    brandon im pretty sure it will work then

  6. Ethan

    im trying to download it now

  7. mod master bryce

    it dosn’t work for me

  8. noah

    noah noah noah noah

  9. anto


  10. brady

    downloading everything but that

  11. stroon

    great noep

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