Acrovector double pallet forks

Acrovector double pallet forks

For the collector of wool range Marhu, I have a double pallet forks for my carved Agrovector. For me, the look untergordnete played a role.

The two pallet forks are adjusted to the distance of the Abstellfächen range of wool collector.

Since I’m unfortunately not the powerful scripts that double fork unfortunately has no collapsing function to save space on the Verladetrailer. I push the pallets together after the deposed himself, which also goes quite well.

A beauty is not the double fork, but it’s just practical, and that’s why I went mainly.

Maybe one or the other “sheep farmer”, the fork may indeed need.

Have fun at the sheep breeding;-)



Acrovector double pallet forks v 1.0 [MP]
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