Aguas Tenias 1 Axis 10T

Aguas Tenias 1 Axis 10T

Aguas Tenias 1 Axis 10T

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Crops: wheat, barley, rape, maize, potato, sugarbeet grass_windrow, chaff, manure, forage, fertilizer, seeds, silage, maizev2, oat, sunflower, rice, poppy seed, soybean.

Capacity: 10,000 kg



AO texture

Version 1.5

Changes v1.5 Increased discharge time of 13 seconds at 15. Added the sounds of water and the trailer load. Fixed a bug in textures coupled hydraulic cubemaps. Improved reflectionmap textures, now no longer gives the impression of being wet or freshly painted. The leg is adjustable in height using mouse controls as guards and walk again remains in the place where I leave. Added colission to launch hitch plate and registration.



Aguas Tenias 1 Axis 10T v 1.5 [MP]
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