The Amazon offers the EDX precision air seeder of 6 M

Working width , a new technology with which higher

Implement operating speeds in the range of 10 to 15 km / h

leave . Thanks to further technical innovations and more

Ease of use are the set- up times significantly shorter

become .

Use: sowing of wheat , barley, canola, corn , sugar beets , potatoes

Working width: 6 meters

Seed tank: 2460 liters

Amazone EDX 6000 V 1.5

This is the original Amazone EDX 6000 from the game !

What has been done

darker skin

Can now all new fruits standatr fruit varieties drilling !

Thanks to the lighting ifkonator V31 and new labor partickel !

Changes to v1.5

Now it is also WSB

Oh some are schümpfen what a waste

but I do not care
to still others will enjoy it and I will too!

Thanks also to the offer my mod also where I could load it into the database

have fun with the maschiene I can tell you



Amazon v 1.0 [MP]
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