Angelner Map

Angelner Map

Angelner Map

Angelner Map

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Foreword! Important please read first!
Version 1.1 Angelner Map 2013 food storage WaterMod dung manure and shredded Sales & Multi Terrain

Author: @ Funky

What is Made in the 1.1?
Eigendlich not too much 🙂 .. it smaller bugs have been fixed as eg.:
1) An innovation! Multi terrain v 1 final detailed angle and hire revert fashion / has been integrated into the map!
2) tank and trigger the display in the middle of the field was removed.
3) At the gas station from the country store, the tank was now trigger properly placed.
4) The chicken door was shot and should now no longer be in the way.
5) sheep pasture. Suddenly sheep resting on the potions has been fixed.
6) Some objects were freed from fibrillation.
7) At the court has made minimal changes / Milchtruckspline therefore revised.
8) road Some parts hovered slightly in the air. has been resolved.

……. uvkm.
Have a small thank you to all that helped, and reported me the error 🙂


To be recommended for some of you may still Währe bunch of placeable–3 Since I have no silage pile at feed stores

To Sell the crap you can also take the little crown Emsland trailer from the feed storage pack!

Of manure for sale … I have taken to TSL (target now be no ads!)

Clue to the Multi Terrain!

What does increasing the number angle for an impact on performance?

By increasing the number of channels in the density map, more memory is required.
This has v.a. an influence on the initial transmission speed in multiplayer as more data needs to be sent.
In addition, current packages for tillage are larger because more memory is required to represent the desired angle, it is only very minimal.
As more memory is grasped for the calculations on the CPU are delayed this a bit more, also, the calculations are more complicated.
Specifically, the tillage operations will probably take about 5% longer. But since this is only a very small part of all calculations in the game, the impact will probably be less than 1%.
On the GPU, the change has no effect because it does not matter if game 3 times or 7 times (and / or 4/8) is calculated and the remaining data and calculations of the number of channel is independent.

The Angelner map is a map completely rebuilt and is made with patch 1.4, (required)
The idea of this map was created by Google
The location of the buildings are similar to what I could see from Google that! (With a little imagination belongs to 🙂

This map has the standard LS13 fruit varieties
Available is the feed store right on the farm, manure slurry Grass and Hächslegut you can in Gärterei leave and get a little money for it ..
To get a loan from the bank to pay it back or you have to drive to the village nächstgelegende.
You can leave the fruit types as follows:
Country trade: wheat barley rape maize potatoes beet eggs / still exists a small gas station
Backfactory: wheat barley rape maize
Nursery: Grass straw manure slurry Hächselgut
Spinning: Wool
Gütterbahnhof: eigendlich almost everything ^ ^
Rot, decay: is Off

Feldgrösen in HECTARE ..
Field No. 01 ha = 3:10
Field No. 02 = 10.83 acres
Field No. 03 = 6:34 ha already owned / but no planting
Field No. 04 ha = 8:53
Field No. 05 ha = 7:12
Field No. 06 ha = 8:50
Field No. 07 = 5.83 ha already owned / but no planting
Field No. 08 ha = 4:07
Field No. 09 = 12.92 acres
Field No. 10 ha = 4:37
Field No. 11 ha = 6:15
Field No. 12 ha = 5:57
Field No. 13 = 3.93 ha
Field No. 14 = 5.25 ha
Field No. 15 = 6.65 ha
Field No. 16 ha = 4:48
Field No. 17 ha = 3:55
Field No. 18 ha = 6:54
Field No. 19 = 10.96 acres
Field No. 20 ha = 8:18
Field No. 21 = 4.69 ha
Field No. 22 ha = 3:25
Field No. 23 ha = 3:24

I have no horseshoes involved in the map and no Misionen!
The textures on the map I designed them all myself

To the map itself?

The I3d. is approximately 39MB
Logfehler? Are not known to me!

you look at the pictures and then decide.
Would appreciate positive assessment. Thank you
No mods for Gewähleistung can be given!

Only use original download link!
Only with the original DL link in other forum!

A big thanks to all who made it possible to create the map with the new buildings!
All required mods are listed below:

And now have fun on the field with the Angelner Map 2013 🙂 @ Funky

Angelner Map v 1.1
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