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ANNA Z644 v 3.0 [MP]




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Since I have been self in search of a working potato harvester for my classic car collection recently and had the ANNA Z644 v3 very pledged by PavsonRM me, but notice when loading had he had some mistakes, I have range puts me time and me by Caos worked and him as well as he prepared again. Maybe there is one or the other of him still wants to test. The i3D I have not worked great and also the content of the file, as prevails in my view still some chaos.

It is at the ANNA Z644 to a one-row harvester full!

I offer it here as Fremdmod, since I had him only slightly revised (fixed bug).


Mod stammt von PavsonRM
von Senok überarbeitet

ANNA Z644 v 3.0 [MP]
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Rabe Werk 6 furrow plow v 1.1 [MP]


PTS 9 v 2.0

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  1. tyse the farm boy

    I love it, I no longer need to have huge harvesters and small classic tractors

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