Bale Fork with Fütterfunktion

Bale Fork with Fütterfunktion

A working tool , two functions ?

This Ballengabel bales can be loaded and transported , in addition to bale
be fed directly to a feeding trough .

Many of the mod is still known from LS11 . He is now also available for the LS13 and was rebuilt from the ground up .


– 3 Selectable fork structures ( round bales , square bales and large square bales)

– Transporting bales stacked ,

– Bales at a feed trough directly feed ( Including qualifying in your PDA)

– Ballenattacher

It can thus be processed grass, straw and silage. The fork shows you the respective attributes of the bales (level and type of fruit ) as soon as they are impaled .

Straw bales can be directly used to sprinkle the stable floor .

A detailed description of the function is the DL . The archive must be unpacked once !

Have fun with the mod



Bale Fork with Fütterfunktion v 1.0 [MP]
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