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Belarus 820.3 v 2.0

Belarus 820.3

Ploughing Mod
More realistic
Realistic transmission
Klimpimo Mod
After getting off the console you can buy
Puts at the end of the second round
Realistic smoke under more realistic
Realistic sounds more realistic by
Enters the soil removed by leaving the dirty wheels
Kraiposi bridge
Runs all speedometers
Running lights and interior lighting
Moving inside the pedals and levers
Realistic internal camera
Moving the steering box
Walking cylinders
dust animation
Clean the log file
Runs on mp
hands modes


Modelis: ksergey13, Giedrius
Skriptai: ksergey13, Giedrius
Teksturos: ksergey13, ModMens, Giedrius

Belarus 820.3 v 2.0
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Fendt 936 (MoreRealistic) Forst Version


John Deere 8360R

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