Buehrer 6135A


I want you here today my converted Buehrer 6135 A with kaufbarem Quicke

Imagine front loader. It is to one of my first mods.

There’s various speci were installed as:

MM by MM Rearcam Agrarservice

Green Star Patar

Wheelparticle from?

Driving Particle Manuel leithner

Toogle animated parts of Sven 777b

V31 lighting from 777b Sven

Quicke Q36 of CebuljCek Modding

Wheels of Agrotron 155

Real Exhaust Particle model of Eicher

There limiter on, Manual Ignition and Operating Hours was deliberately omitted because it

this script is global.

Zip size is 9,833 KB



Buehrer 6135A v 1.0 [MP]
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