Case 1265 Early Riser

Seeder. Sows and makes fertilizer. Fertilizers do not need to refuel. Seeder dressed Carts. No seed selection. Than to refuel, and then sow.
Capacity: 8000 liters.
Working width: 24 m
Sowing wheat, oats, barley, canola, sunflower, Mohn, rice, soybeans, peas, carrots, potatoes, grass, corn, corn, sugar cane, sugar beet, cotton, rye, green wheat, sorghum.

Archived drill and Carts.


Knagsted for the original 1760 12 row planter
SndGrdn for the update to my edit of the row to a 12 row 24
Albert L for his 2013 conversion of the 1760 12 row that I used as a map to convert this beauty
Script adaptation fs13; jeremytyler662

Pertard Interbenne:
Original created by:
Model: Kevin353, net.NEO
Skin: net.NEO
Ingame, Script: hz888, Tibcsi

New Script: Satis
Model Support stand: sandgroper
Ingame / MP test: Satis + Satis’s evil twin.
fs2013 convert: Satis
Case Conversion: ttchevyhd

Case 1265 Early Riser v 1.2
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