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Cat Logging Mod v 1.0 beta [MP]

Cat Logging Mod

Cat Logging Mod

Cat Logging Mod

Hello to everyone in the LS community, here i have a angepasst “Log Mod” grave to be compatible with my Cat 345B Excavator and my logging trailer to except the “Log Mod” logs. I also present a Cat Forwarder from LS11 and LS13 converted it to so with a grave from the “Log Mod”.

I want to thank the “Log Mod” team for giving me permission to convert and upload the grave From Their outsanding mod. I would also like to thank ClaasXerion5000NRW for his assistance and support.
The forwarder contriols are not yet compatible mouse so the key commands are as follows:
KEY_KP_1 = rotate head left
KEY_KP_3 = rotate head right
KEY_KP_0 = angle head out
KEY_KP_2 = angle head in

KEY_KP_7 = main arm up
KEY_KP_4 = main arm down

KEY_KP_8 = second arm up
KEY_KP_5 = second arm down

KEY_KP_8 = third arm out
KEY_KP_5 = poor third in

KEY_z = rotate left crane
KEY_x = rotate right crane

There is one issue with the forwarders did I have not been able to sort out yet? the logs will start to slide out of the cradle When You Are Placing new logs into it. If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated.


Log Mod Team
Original LS11 Forwarder: Model – Stalker, Texture: Solanz, Script – Ingame: Zippo


Ford F350 v 3.0 [MP]


MR IFA W50 PACK v 1.0 [MP]


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