Caterpillar725Ultra4v16 Patch

Important: backup mod before patching….Although this patch should work,
there may be some elements you dislike….
Just copy the contents of this zip to

Caterpillar remnant xml code cleaned up and other tweaks

Help hud is updated to include default keybindings and new
mouse actions. Assuming the “OPTIONAL” config below….

kuzov tipper errata:
Sunflower plane was broken via i3d ranger and is fixed along with
a better texture (IMO).
sugarBeet plane showed up as wheat… fixed…..
Adjusted saturation/contrast/brightness when dumping sugarBeets
and potatoes (matches standard map piles….)
Particle y/z gravity adjusted. Other textures tweaked.

Mouse controls now “happy”

Optional textures are included to tone down and replace the “girl”
on the dash and mirrors. just copy the contents of optional folder
to textures folder…Thank you BGA-Meister

!!!!!Below mouse bindings is “OPTIONAL”!!!!!!

A reference png is in zip for the in game mouse bindings I use….

“default” mouse bindings in game options>controls you will find this:
I found them too awkward to use and sync lifting and lowering of arm/tool.
Action key mouse
Lift front loader arm j Left Y
Lower front loader arm n Left Y
Lift front loader tool k Left x
Lower front loader tool m Left x

——-Below is the mouse binding I use:———
Action key mouse
Lift front loader arm j Left Y
Lower front loader arm n Left Y
Lift front loader tool k Right y
Lower front loader tool m Right y

With above settings you can sync arm/tool by pressing
both left/right mouse buttons and simply move up and
down to sync movement of arm/tool. I also use this for
telehandlers also and is mod dependent….for other mods
the axis invert, acceleration and speed may need to be tweaked to achieve
synced movement.

I discovered if you move mouse too fast you will tend
to run out of desk space to achieve full movement of arm/tool.
Using a slower movement of mouse will ensure plenty of
desk space for full movement of arm/tool. attacher looks cleaner also.


model, textures: Jaba
Scripts, sound, debugging: StarT


— Teleskopladerser
— M@D Author StarT gswlad
— parse and clean broken code goelm

— SpeedDisplayControl
— @ Autor Tobias F. (John Deere 6930)

— physicalCamera
— @author Knagsted

— objectAttacher
— @author Geri-G
— edited by PeterJ FS-UK modteam

— henly 20 (Ls_uk Modteam)

— manualIgnition
— @author Templaer
— V3 by Mofa-Killer

— Lanes
— @author Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)

— henly 20 (Ls_uk Modteam)

— M@D Author StarT gswlad

— IndoorSound
— @author Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)

— HandBrake
— @author ???
— add global for Beleuchtung v3.1.2 goelm

— ExtraLightSources
— @author: Manuel Leithner

— dynamicExhaustSystem
— by modelleicher

— DrivingParticleSystem
— @author Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)

— Beleuchtung v3.1.2
— @author Sven777b
— Adapted handbrake goelm

— AnimatedHydraulic
— @author Manuel Leithner

Caterpillar 725 Ultra 4 v16 Patch v 1.0 [SP]
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