Crown Comprina V180 Ursus silage bales ready

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Hello, 🙂
I have the crown Comprina round baler kinda converted me so that I can process the bale of the press with the Ursus Bale.
The press is made as small as possible so that it has only the files in the mod folder, which can not be fetched from the main game because of the renovation, so only minimal space usage in the mod folder!

Pressed straw, hay, and grass!
Only the grass bales are recognized by the Ursus Press and wrapped silage bales to! So do not tedders!
And do not be surprised if the are absorbed by Ursus-winder, which take the form of bales of common practice to press! The filling volume is preserved!
Filling volume: 6,000 liters (can be easily [ 6000] with an editor in the kroneComprimaV180.xml adjusted as desired) The pressed with the crown and the normal grass bale silage bales URSUS be detected and recorded by Arcusin Autostack ! since the URSUS silage bales are slightly smaller, of course there is some air between loading and bale. But you can bale indeed load and abtransportieren.Empfohlen with a normal ball pendant by hand to this mod: automatic charger: Arcusin Round Bale Autostack Normal Ballenanhäger: Oehler zdk_120b_final (X button to fix) very good small bale fork – from the Round Bale Mod (O button to fix)


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Crown Comprina V180 Ursus silage bales ready v 1.0 [MP]
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