Crown Einachskipper

Crown Einachskipper

Crown Einachskipper

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Krone_Einachskipper V 1.0 Multi Fruit with plane masking

Hello LS friends

Today I have something for the smaller farms .

A crown Emsland Einachskipper with tarpaulin .

The tipper can be loaded with wheat , barley, canola , corn, chopped , white cabbage , tomatoes , sunflower seeds, manure , carrots , spelled, sugar , ground , mixed fodder , grass , gravel, lime, onion , crushed stone, red cabbage, sand, silage and straw .

The dump truck is equipped with a tarpaulin roof and can not be loaded with closed Plane !

In addition, the trailer was equipped with a lighting scripts , chrome wheels , wide tires and tire pressure air conditioning !

Capacity: 12500 Kg



Crown Einachskipper v 1.0 Multifruit
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