Maude “DON 1500B Pack” for Agriculture / Farming Simulator 2013 – Here’s what changed compared to the previous version: In the food processor (werik with the words): Essential invisible belt of Pune, Pune disabled pulley rotation, significantly increased the weight of the combine harvester, it is necessary for normal operation of the baler and trailers. On the trailer now combine not wear, and it is not necessary, he moves well and his swing car with headers can also be towed. PUN changed, added another script. In the trailer finished writing icons choice of equipment for the cl G. maize has remained the same. Made to Don, (running on auto-pilot) pick. The last processor: Digital and analog speedometer and tachometer, fuel gauge dial. Automatic mayachek. Dynamic smoke. The control of the engine speed. Presented AP-checked by a baler on a standard place, with the exception of “their” followers also works with large standard trailer 61 tons with an average SIGA Uno car and semitrailer tractors, even with this LKW.Steuertasten: Num 1 2.3 emergency lighting, Num 4 – left door, Num 6 – right door, Num 9 – the back belt, Y – caretaker, T – fan, U – Cover blower motor, L, K light, Num + – zoom camera in the cabin , Space – from the cabin, Num 0 – Assistance, Office of PUNom remained the same


Modell: scholl, DON-1500
Textur: scholl, DON-1500
Script: DON-1500, StarT, werik

DON 1500B PACK v 1.0 [MP]
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