Flatebed Refillable Seed Trailer

Flatebed Refillable Seed Trailer

Flatebed Refillable Seed Trailer

This is a modification of a great mod.

I’ve edited, so that there is a trailer for each seed:

Wheat, Barley, Rape, Maize.

You can carry it in any season seed and carry up your planter.

It’s really fun.

Original text, whited by AlbertL

This is anouther edit of Big Country’s goose neck Bale trailer.

With this trailer you can pull up to ANY seed trigger and Load Seed sacks that can be used to refill your Seeders that take Seed

and Not grain from your Silo. Tested with Multaple trucks on multaple maps.

– Now has automatic working landing gear when hooking up or unhooking from trucks.

– New black paint job

– New chrome rims with no lag or UV errors.

– Lightscript with working flashers and turn signals. Use Num pad keys: 1, 2, 3.

– MP ready


BigCountry – Original FS11 version, Conversion to FS13, Edits
Looseterror & Twisted GA – Jackstand script
Sven777b – beleuchtungV3 script
seedTrailer – Xentro script
Asimbled AlbertL
Specal thanks to SndGrdn For all his help