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Forest Mod v 0.99

Forest Mod

Forest Mod

Forest Mod

New in this version:

– Warning label is in single player now from the toolbox removable
– Introduced PDA statistics page
– Added the PDA display for levels in power plants, camps and sawmills
– New Milling Sounds
– New long timber trailer
– New Forest rotary


– New Sounds saws
– Smaller optical corrections
– Weidemann pliers can korreckt trees now going on
– Throughput increased chips power plant
– Hacker roller now has more pull-in force
– Trailer plan for woodchip are now automatically detected, even when the fillType wood chip is not registered
– Fixed crash when a bucket with “wood chip” Plane was sold
– Front loader attachments operable again by mouse / gamepad
– Various new info texts
– Improved animation when setting device tree
– Mobile chipper is at work now stable
– Fixed problem with a mod-ULW and the Forstmod placeable
– WF Trac: Traffic Collision trigger fixed
– Fixed lua-General Errors and Call Stack


rafftnix, BM Modding, Vertexdesign, fruktor, fendt2000, MadMax

Forest Mod v 0.99
4.7 (94.17%) 24 votes


Vaderstadt Carrier 820


Deutz Fahr TTV630 v 3.0


  1. Anton

    Jag kör den

  2. klemen

    zato ker bi imel in bi rad delal v gozdu

  3. boopwoop

    how can you grab a tree with a grab fork?

  4. boopwoop

    well, this is the best mod ever.

  5. Anonymous

    how u place the things

  6. Leonardo

    How can I pick up the trunks with claws? The claws not works.

  7. brian

    o tronco fica voando cando eu tento carrega e descarrega.

  8. henk

    i dont see any mod things in the store under mods

  9. Player

    Funguje to?

  10. tom

    very gud

  11. KUKA


  12. loulou

    génial !!

  13. Frada

    I cant pickup the trees with cran. How close clam.

  14. Mates_97

    How to pick up the tree ???

  15. bryan


  16. Anrzej

    Jaki trzeba patch i mapkę by działał forest mod

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