Fortschritt E 303

Fortschritt E 303

Fortschritt E 303

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here is my first published MR reconstruction.

Now as progress E303 V1.0 MR "grasshopper" edition.

I have installed only the MR-specifications, a bit gadgets and some texture changes. So everything went the way I wanted it, the E303 is now technically a "harvester" and not a "deck". Unfortunately, that has a 'small' disadvantage (see Features).


-all originals (sliding door, sun visor, animated engine)
– E303 Sound Update and indoor sound v 1.2 “no snow” of already installed

-nötige MR specifications (eg ingenious 80PS, 4650kg, incredible 20km / h)

-Fruchtanimation In cutting (wheat, barley, grass)

-Reifenstaub (Field and dirt road)

-Schneidwerkwagen With holding function

Illumination adapted (eg, front working lights)

Adapted -Abgasqualm

-Nachteil: Since the E303 now processed wheat and barley and does not cut, it shall here only from straw, ie the volume / mass is unfortunately less

— !!! Who discovered Error: I am grateful for constructive criticism and help !!! —

Finally (views) THANK YOU to “vasilisvasilis31” for the original E303, to “no snow” for the sound and “Marmoe” for his help with the annoying Colli.


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