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GMC Topkick

GMC Topkick

It’s a GMC Topkick, crewcab, 4×4 dually. It has custom wheels, tires, pintle reciever hitch, gooseneck hitch in the bed, 6 stage weight script, and Big smoke system activate the weights with the (X) button. It has no indoor camera, but does have a backup camera for attaching gooseneck’s tailers must have semitrailer and trailer Low attacher joints to attach.



GMC Topkick
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Holzzange v 1.1 [MP]


Mercedes Benz 2220


  1. Justin

    Can anyone get this to work in FS2015? I can get it to appear but, can’t drive it for some reason. If you have any suggestions lemme know…. beerzandbudz at hotmail dot com


  2. pleasssse help me

    how do you download mods on windows 8

  3. Gunner

    You click on the download link than a security warning should pop up and on the warning click run and it should start downloading brah.

  4. hockeyrox

    sick truck/ does it have a 5th wheel connector?

  5. gabriel

    muito bom

  6. Anonymous

    the truck is beast

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