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HW 80 V9 Conow v 3.0 MR [MP]

HW 80 V9 Conow

HW 80 V9 Conow

HW 80 V9 Conow

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Moin moin today again I’ve something for you and that is it is my old HW 80 V9 Conow trailer!

What was done?

* Scripts installed lighting
* New wheels
* Open and close the Plane
* DrivingParticleSystem
* WheelParticle
* Wheat, canola, barley, maize, manure, silage and mixed feed rations can be loaded

Have fun with it!



HW 80 V9 Conow v 3.0 MR [MP]
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    mrb bu farming similatör oyunu çokgüzel modlarıda güzel ama toros modu olsaydı iyi olurdu

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