IHC 624 wheel

IHC 624 wheel

IHC 624 wheel

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On request, there is now the V3 IHC 624 More Realistic tractor. Furthermore, a few little things were still being revised.

The 624 came together with the 523 in 1965 to market and was built until 1972.

The built-in him IHC D-206 Diesel engine with 4 cylinders made 58HP continuous power as of 1967 tractor could be ordered with all-wheel drive. He was the second best-selling tractor of the CM range with 24,690 copies.


+ + More Realistic

+ + Swing axle

+ + Camber

+ + Animated wheel shaft

Original IHC Sounds

Light Script V3

tire dust

compression scripts

Front work light

Rear work light

HD textures



Modelleicher (Verdeck,Pendelachse,Reifen)
Sven777, rafftnix sowie alle anderen Scripter, deren LUAs verbaut wurden – Dankeschön!

IHC 624 wheel v 3.1 MR [MP]
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