Hello friends of Farming Simulator

Today I present my first plow, I hope I did a good job with it, and that you will enjoy.

This model of the Italian company Moro Plough, a model for heavy and deep. the QRV 20A, are the following features:

– Painting plowing into and out of the groove

– Hydraulic variable working width

– Displacement parallelogram

– Security screws.

– Skimmer universal.

– Distance bodies: 100-120

– Working width of the body: 25-70

– Working depth: 40-45

– Height: 207

– Weight: 3000

– Power HP: 270-320.


The mod is a replica in skal 1: 1 of the original model, are as follows, the functions of the model:

1 fully animated;

2 adjustable working depth (right mouse button);

3 washable, after about 2 hours is all dirty.

Standard version and MR.

log.tx clean, and found no problems SP / MP!


Model and Script: Ago-modding;

Script Washable, Manuel leithner.

Thanks to my team (Team Modhoster) Especially in meyer123 and fin050808 for testing …

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