Here a little old 2 Kreiselwender of quite a few hours of operation behind it.

The inverter allows you to turn mown grass and thus to promote its drying. In addition, it is suitable with the small working width of 2.50 meters, perfect for small lawns.


Power requirement: 12 PS

Working width: 2.50m

Gyro: 2 with 4 arms

Maintenance costs: € 6

Repair costs (drive belt) € 12


slow on / unscrew the centrifugal

PTO rotates (spins)

Drive belt is animated (by scrollUVShader)

(Go to the spatula and press K) PTO manually connected

Turner can only be enable if PTO is mounted (otherwise comes an info)

Drive belt is defective after some time in operation (is torn, you can also see) (info is displayed, see picture) and must be replaced.

The turning process is then terminated by itself, and you have to change the drive belt manually.

Get out and go to the turner (2 info is displayed, see picture) and press M.

One can also see that the belt is changed.

The amount for the new drive belt, you deducted on your account balance.


Patch 2.1 is needed because of the new Mod Performance Optimized i3d
Format used is that possible since release of patch 2.0.

Patch download here:


Mad Dog