Iveco Hercules 24000C

Well guys today finally launched the Iveco with Hercules 24000 C, the model of the cabin was a collaboration of my friend Alan FS thank him Took a edited within

her to get better I do not know if she is really like that in real life but I tried to take a short improved model of the Hercules what all done for me this light, and

So scripts were designed for him, including animation format Fertilizers, Low Light and High blinkers brake light astern among others.

Account spin animation and speedometer, in addition to a system for exchange of wheels between transport wheels and wheel work. I hope you enjoy and comment what you think so we can Improve did overtime thanks to all …


ONVERSION / Model / Textures Iveco: Alan FS
Model / Textures Hercules 24000C: Vinicius LS (FBT Modding)
Scripts / In Game: Vinicius LS (FBT Modding)

Iveco Hercules 24000C v 1.0 [MP]
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