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John Deere 6R v 1.0 MR

John Deere 6R

Includes two tractor series 6R. John Deere 6170R – capacity: 170 l / s, speed: 50 km / h John Deere 6210R – capacity: 249 l / s, speed: 50 km / h Front (JD 6210R) and rear linkage, animation dashboard and pedals, all wheel drive, interactive control (IC), the doors open, the rear window.

Requires mod More Realistic


BJR-Modding, Mindis56, Liudas

John Deere 6R v 1.0 MR
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Claas 540 MR


MTZ 82.1 SAREKS v 1.0

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    what loader fits on the 6170r

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