John Deere 7530 FL

John Deere 7530 FL

So kept working on it and the John Deere 7530 from LS11 to LS13 zuholen

Became the new teilel Textured because the UVfehler he had!

For tractors now:

“Num 0: HUD switch”);

Num 0: HUD off “);
J key: Fr.Hydro up / down “);
Key M: front loader on / off “);
Key POS 1: RUL on / off “);
Button 5/6: attacher from / to “);
Key 9: wheel weights “);

KP_1 button: Indicator Li “);
KP_2 button: warning flashers “);
Button KP_3: Re indicators “).
KP_4 button: rear window a / z “);
KP_5 button: Mirror ein-/auskl “);

KP_6 button: Front ON-/OFF “);
KP_7 button: roof hatch open / closed “);
KP_8 button: Li door open / closed “);
KP_9 button: Tuer Re. open / closed “);


Adapted speed

Revised camera it comes with!

Front loader on Num: 6 out because many had problems!

A little tip for bad bugs ingame:

Modfolder empty and only the mod pure. Then delete the inputBinding.xml and then the shader cache folder, the two of them re-create at game start. Are in the same folder as your modfolder.

Actually, not much satisfied with this except that Jd has changed a lot again!


Ursus1234,RobertLidstroem Hewaa

John Deere 7530 FL v 2.0 MR [MP]
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