Kamaz 45143

Tailored to the actual dimensions (+ / -). By car and trailer are working valves and emergency signals (klav. 1 2 3). The doors open (klav. July 9). Is designed to carry standard + sunflower crops. Replaced by the sounds of bole quality, added g.p up to 17 tons, added traction engine, the archive and KamAZ trailer and unpack the downloaded archive into a folder mods.

Requires patch 2.0


Model: Lexan, T-150, dimaks, Kamazist89, BrUISer
Wheels: BrUISeR
Editing: Dronklim, dimaks, Kamazist89
Implementation in FS2013: ANDREI1994

Kamaz 45143 & Pricep NEFAZ 8560 v 1.0
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