Kroger SRB 35 Multi Fruit

Kroger SRB 35 Multi Fruit

Hello Com,

This mod was a request from Fendt Vario 938 It is the original Kroger SRB35 from the game. The energy can load zusätzich pasture. That was the request. Since I was just, I have rebuilt it on the same Multi Fruit. He can now download the following:

wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarbeet energy pasture manure oat triticale rye sunflower spelled.

Of course, once again many thanks to Kyosho for Enerigeweidetexturen, tarpaulins, etc. Particle

Have fun with it.


Kyosho Plane Parikel

Kroger SRB 35 Multi Fruit v 1.0 [MP]
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