Kuhn GA 4521 GM

Kuhn GA 4521 GM


It is the standard Kuhn GA 4521 GM with new features. The Fendt GTA with spoons is a Privatmod!!

new Features

-You can no longer see the warning panel yellow sticker

Integrated turn signals

Rakes move the mount to fold forward. (similar to Kuhn GA GM of SFM then the LS 2009 and 2011)



Grass grows (with grass and hay)

Working width: 4.5 m

Tine arms: 13

Price: € 4,800.00 (equivalent to genuine price for this rake)

Under cost-neck / day: 16,00 €

Finally, I wish you much fun with the mod Many of you want determines the SFM, but (even attempted), the script does not work in LS 2013. To all Central & large farmers: whether I can do the 2-Kreisler, such as the SFM is in the stars.


Urmodell: Giants
Umbau: FarmerP99
Scripts: Mofi + Tobias F.

Kuhn GA 4521 GM v 2.1 [MP]
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