Lizard Type 20


Here are the latest creation of my imagination:

The Fictional Lizard Type 20, the first tractor manufacturer Lizard.

In brief, the functions:

-> Engine covers, Left + Right hinged

-> Motor and cardan Animated

-> Crank faded

-> Steering animation

-> Idle adjustable

-> Real Exhaust scripts

Log is clean, all the miracles are: Harvey (~ KoolFox) is now MrFox!
I have my name Communtiy widely adapted in order to have a uniform!


Modell: MrFox, andre seifert, Giants, unbekannt, JS39, Timber131
Scripte:MrFox, Giants, modelleicher, Sven777b, xentro, MR. X
Sounds: Youtube, Giants
Texturen: MrFox, Giants, Timber131

Lizard Type 20 v 1.0 final [MP]
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