Manure Spreader Tandem

Manure Spreader Tandem

Manure Spreader Tandem

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Capacity: 17.500 and 19.500 kg

Working width: 9, 14 and 20 meters.
Second axis directional and lockable.
Adjustable support with mouse.
Textur AO


Model 3D: Javier007

Textured: Javier007

Textures AO: Javier007

Ingame: Javier007

Test MP: Javier007 and Alicante JD

More Realistic: JFMtb


VariableBody: Fruktor

TebbeHS180: Stefan MAurUS

SpreaderUnloading: FIAT80-90DT

SetFlapOpenEvent: FIAT80-90DT

SetDoorHighEvent: FIAT80-90DT

PowerShaft: Manuel Leithner

LockSteeringaxles: FIAT80-90DT

DrivingParticleSystem: Manuel Leithner

ChangePlaneEvent: FIAT80-90DT

BeleuchtungV31: Sven777b

Manure Spreader Tandem v 1.0 [MP]
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