Original link [file-upload.net]

-An error has not been fixed because i Could not find the object.
-THEREFORE, I apologize to everyone, but it does not affect, normal operational of the map.
“Error: Mesh ‘pCylinderShape2′ has zero triangles’
Texture sizing issues. Texture format issues.


-Without the forest mod does not work Properly for the map!

Working-level mod.

-MapDoorTrigger v 4.0

Multi-Sprayer Herbicide Mod v 2.1
– Zuhammer Contest and zzz.multisprayer.zip can cause problems multiplayer.

Liquid manure manure-lime Mod
Download:. http://www.file-upload.net/download-9319984/GuelleMistMod.zip.html
-Recommended mod:
Panien PW-18 10E v 1.1 lime

Download:. http://www.file-upload.net/download-9319999/MapHoseRefStation.zip.html

-Train station with working train.
Automatic milk selling.
-Placed manure storages.
Water tank can be filled at the river.

-ManureLiquid and manureSolid
Manure-belt located at the cows’ area.
Potato and sugarbeet storage located in the farm.

Tested in multiplayer!



Economy Map V 1.1 Final [MP]
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