V1.1: – Trigger for straw bales, animal sale & Woller sale.

– BGA replaced and also works

– Interim storage hall in the yard with dock tubes provided. also still the plan changed and Fruit. been functional for loading shovel. Capacity 40,000 L per fruit.

– Seed -u. Added fertilizers sites and tank farms on the chicken and the BGA

– Cattle -. Pig u added and functional (See built-scripts)

– Workshop integrated (decoration)

– Additional access at the Getreideannhamestelle

Replaced the Old Sheepfold –

– Map of unnecessary files to free 150 mb in the unpacked

Just open the gallery and see photos

– Growth times have been extended: “24 types of fruit per phase”

“Grass 12h per phase”

– And much more

built-in scripts: BETA Version: Watermod



Sunflower (additional fruit)

Version 1.1: Pigs -u. Cattle

Sunflower was removed due to error

Mods you need:

– MapDoorTrigger

My recommendation: – Invites you to Fast Time Forward mod also down if you takes too long with the growth of plants;)

Acceleration time

Important: -. The accompanying sound files “Windmill” u “churchbell01” please copy in the LS13 folder.


thanks to Jauch Paule, xXMalleXx, Marhu and of course all other modders for their Obkjekte and scripts.