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Milk Trailer v 4.0 [MP]

Milk Trailer

So here is the trailer and V4 of milk for the time being the last one was externally Made a lot since V1:

Mounted level indicator
Device category changed from Milchtailer namely to “milk transport tank”
Increased capacity to 15000l
Price increased to € 12,760
Installed tire dust, which also now works
On / degradable hose with key “8”
Indicator (R / L), warning lights, rear lights with real light and normal light was repaired
Walterscheid PTO shaft with functional
new textures
New store image and branding
Finally repaired the prop
washable made

Special thanks to JoeSil had made the Milchtailer washable and all it has ever created =)



Milk Trailer v 4.0 [MP]
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  1. chris

    where do i fill this up with milk? tried the milk tank at the cow farm,and the milk factory, any help would be great,thanks

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